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KAGO is a Polish company, we are a producer of oyster mushroom substrate, we already have over 39 years of experience.

Oyster mushroom is valued in many countries in western Europe and America . It's a healthy mushroom because it's cultivated on natural soils without any chemicals.

It has attractive nourishing and taste qualities, contains little carbohydrates , many vitamins, no fat valuable organic compounds and enzymes which lower the level of cholesterol . In comparison to champignons and other natural mushrooms, for example Boletus Ceps, oyster mushroom is 3-6 times richer in vitamin B. It contains big amounts of mineral ingredients -mainly phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper.

Thanks to those there exists a wide range of export possibilities . If you're looking for oyster mushroom,contact us by e-mail.

Oyster mushroom can be a main ingredient and a supplement for many meat and non-meat dishes . Oyster mushroom can be prepared just as well as all other kinds of mushrooms-fried in bread-crumbs and eggs, stewed, cooked, salted and pickled. Oyster mushroom used as a substitute for meat can be particulary valuable for people on a non-meat diet. It succesfully substitutes meat in stuffings. Oyster mushroom chops are appetizing and tasty .

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